“Dynamic simulation and modelling have been widely used in the process industries for more than 20 years, yet it’s a tool that is still not being used to its potential. Looking beyond the typical applications to make best use of dynamic models can be highly rewarding. Once a model is built and available, consider putting it to work with some more novel applications.”


Dr Martin Sneesby

Typical Applications


  • Operator training simulators

  • Compressor start-up and surge studies

  • Pipeline modelling

  • DCS and logic system checkout

  • Relief load studies

  • What-if studies

  • Troubleshooting plant operations

Novel Applications


  • Start-up optimisation and automation

  • Control system linearisation and improvement

  • Start-up loads on highly heat integrated process designs

  • Thermal stress analysis

  • Operability and controllability studies

  • Quantitative risk assessment and hazard studies

  • Develop and optimise plant operating procedures

  • Managing abnormal process situations and events

  • Understanding unstable process operations












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